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TOP 10 REASONS to use outsourced Sales Lead Generation


  1. Who has the time to Cold Call? Your salespeople are great at closing warm leads. We are great at providing those leads.
  2. Outsourcing Lead Generation to Generation Sales Group provides consistent sales support. We make more calls and get more qualified appointments than general salespeople.
  3. We are on the cutting edge! We separate prospecting and closing sales, a new paradigm that the top 10% of companies are using.
  4. Businesses typically see sales productivity double (or triple!) when using Generation Sales Group for lead generation.
  5. In numerous surveys, salespeople say cold calling is their number one dislike. Some say they “hate it” and avoid it at all cost.
  6. It is much easier to manage a sales staff when initial Lead Generation is outsourced. There is no more designing and reviewing call sheets that are of very little benefit.
  7. Generation Sales Group, with over 10 years of experience, is better able to call on the most profitable leads—those most likely to buy from you.
  8. We provide an accountable and much improved ROI over traditional sales approaches.
  9. You will receive accurate Call Activity Reports which include analytics that improve the effectiveness of your telemarketing program.
  10. Professional Appointment Setting gathers valuable information about your brand and position and allows you to successfully GROW your business.


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